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USPS Plotting Kit

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  • Ideal for beginner navigators or even for experienced navigators looking for a refresher, the USPS Navigation Kit includes: One Ultralight Divider (#176), one USPS Plotter (#556), and the USPS Basic Plotting Guide Booklet (#557) all in a reusable plastic pouch. Complete with comprehensive instructions to help you learn how to use each of the navigation instruments with ease.
    The divider is used primarily to measure distance on a chart, every proper navigation kit should have a pair of dividers and the Ultralight Divider is our best-selling navigation tool in the whole line! Constructed of ultra-tough coated marine alloy to resist corrosion. Gear synchronized arms allow for one-hand use and provide excellent point alignment, while center wheel extension bar construction allows for fast action and precision adjustments. Features hardened stainless steel points. Either of the two points may be replaced by a pencil lead to create a compass, and a supply of such leads is included. Fully adjustable.
    The USPS Plotter is a simple, versatile chart navigation plotter.  This plotter comes complete with basic instructions that demonstrate how to use this product to draw a course line, read a course, determine coordinates and even how this plotter can be used as parallel rules.  Constructed of durable, transparent plastic.

    The USPS Plotter is designed by the United States Power Squadron and manufactured by Weems & Plath. The United States Power Squadron is an organization dedicated to making boating safer and more enjoyable by teaching classes in seamanship, navigation and related subjects.

    The USPS Basic Plotting Guide Booklet aids with plotting on a chart.  This is a fundamental skill necessary to planning and navigating on the water. Today, a growing majority of boaters use GPS for positional information, but connection with a printed chart is an essential ingredient in assuring that you will safely navigate to your destination.  The Basic Plotting Guide will provide the link between the two methods by explaining the basics of how to use your GPS and plot on paper charts. 
    What you will learn in this guide:

    • Basic concepts in coastal and inland navigation
    • How to measure latitude and longitude of a point on your chart for entry into your GPS.
    • How to plot a position using latitude and longitude given by the GPS.
    • How to plot, measure and label course lines on a chart.

    A basic comprehensible overview of plotting to get you started navigating your boat, this guide is designed by the United States Power Squadron, an organization dedicated to making boating safer and more enjoyable by teaching classes in seamanship, navigation and related subjects.

  • Length: 8 in (20.32 cm)

    Width: 15 in (38.1 cm)

    Height: 0.9 in (2.29 cm)

    Dimensions: 7.5” x 14” (190 x 355 mm)

    Weight: 0.8 lb (2.29 cm)

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